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The Quest: To become an artist
The Deadline: 89 Days-ish
The Risk: Returns to job penniless and soul-destroyed with suckiness intact. Should be a laugh

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

100Days: Day 003- 006

Days 003 - 006 of the 100 Days Project

So what have I found from completing almost a week of doing a digital ink sketch a day. Well I was behind after only two days but after that first hiccup and even with a pressing client E3 deadline I have managed to catch up and keep up with doing one of these a day.
The trick I have found is, as with anything, in the starting. I use those spare moments during the day where I could just be staring out the window in a sleep deprived, slack-jawed drooling state to instead pootle away and find an idea amidst the chaos. Once the idea is found, it's actually not that hard for me to want to realise the image and see how it stacks up.

So after a week down. Only 94 days to go!  I'm loving the free design that comes out of the purely and totally random nature that I have of generating these.

My tablet has a record feature on it for the sketching app, but it isn't in an easily exportable format so once I figure that out, hopefully I'll be able to show the completely anarchic nature of the process. This is the creative process unbridled...and I'm lovin it!




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